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The question should have been: do I/we want to have a special visual memory from our lives that will last forever and enjoy it time and time again? If yes, then let me prove you right. I am sure you will be more than happy with my work!

Photography for me is not just art, it is not money, I cannot define it even as a passion. It is the air of my soul! to put it in a poetry way.

I am passionate in everything I do and I mean it, in everything. I lay my soul into every frame. Everything has to be perfect and I guarantee it will!

Please find my reviews and that should tell you more about why you should look back in time and say you`ve done a great choice.

I am based in Prague, therefore, most of my sessions were held in the capital of Czech Republic but, if you please my services outside of it, I would require a coverage for my trip, hotel and meal.

One important question here is WHEN? and that is related to booking in advance or getting in touch as soon as possible. The reason is so important is the fact that I am not available all the time of the year. I am keeping a strict number of sessions per year so I can provide the same, best result, all the time or better said: quality over quantity.   
Therefore, dear ones, please find my booking dates here or better, get in touch and let`s set the time together.  I do prefer a more a face-to-face meeting prior to our session so I would know more about your story; the relationship between the subject(s) and photographer is very important to me.

How to reserve? Can`t be simpler than that! Click > here < select the date and time interval and relax. I will get in touch with you after.  

Of course you can; all of the asked above. I understand that, it is normal things might change but please, notify me.
I should mention here that if you are not 100% sure of the date and you are thinking of different days I cannot guarantee holding or booking more than one session per group, person, event or couple/ day. In other words, I cannot book several times on different days and keep those spots busy for the same client.

Location can be also changed and as long as it is in the same city as previously discussed I have no problem with that. Please, do let me know in advance. If the new location is outside the agreed area, client supports the cost for my travelling, housing and meals.
If still in doubt with the set location or have questions about it, communicate this with me please; I do have my preferred locations which I can reveal upon getting in touch.

Yes, indeed! I noticed some people, even if they don’t know it, are gifted to pose better than others. One should embrace that, especially because those poses will define you as an individual, setting your own style and revealing your personality. I would appreciate this even more if there are large groups that you can separate or put in together in front of my camera.

If you think you don’t photograph well and you are awkward in most of your pics, I can assure you this won`t happen. During my studies and with the experience gathered I have learned how to put you in your perfect, natural side. Your trust and smile is all I need.

Clothing is one of the story-telling details that complete a photograph.
The choosing of your outfit(s) will differ with many aspects like location, personal style, time of day, end result or temperature/weather.

It has been many times when I advised people to bring at  least one more set of clothing and that brought up diversity in chromatic and better contrast.

On this subject I created a small guide to follow before our shoot. You will find all details about what to wear or how to prepare before your photoshoot. Please click the link here.

Depending on the type of photoshoot our time together will be anything between 30 minutes and 2 hours for a session. This will include time for posing advises, setting frames or hydration breaks.

Not a problem, just hope you are safe first. If you cannot make it or running, please give me a call or a text on +420 608 764 239. I normally give 15 min to 1 hour between my sessions but please be respectful to others and to me and do show up in time.
If something did happen or came up, the session will be canceled and re-booked on your liking.

Never say never, a part of this once: this never happened but if it does I will re-book your session or get in touch with a few of my fellow photographers so you will not have to worry planning.

I usually look up the weather daily and will get in touch with you as soon as possible to change the time or day since my shoots are only outdoor.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy a totally awesome session, in the rain or snow, I have protective gear to cover this up for you.

By the way, do not fear of cloudy weather and remember this: clouds are the best light diffusers and best sessions are in such weather, trust me!

I can absolutely understand wanting to find pricing information without having to ask, truly, I can.
Detailed rates are not listed due to many reasons; some can be location or session length and others can be the type or purpose of the shoot. Everyone session is unique, everyone has different requirements, settings or preferences, therefore it is very difficult to price tag. You can find starting rates and what will be including in your session as draft or minimum set prices for my services once you selected the photo session type.
For the best reply, special requests or to find out more details please, just get in touch

All my rates are similar throughout the year, no matter the day of the week. I am trying to keep a standard and a fare quote for each of you, therefore, please do not ask about including any discount.

Payment will only be done after you will receive a water mark copy of all your selected photographs. Upon receiving the agreed price, I will send you the final copies, (full size and no watermark) either on a protected album on my website or through a fast-share link. If you would like a hard copy, this can be arranged too, on a disk or flash drive.

You will be able to see your amazing photographs withing 2 to 14 days, depending on the photo session type or time spent together.
For express delivery, there will be a 500 Kč/20 € fare extra. This means that your photographs are going straight into post processing as soon as possible.

We will keep in touch and I will notify you as soon as they are ready.

You will first receive a small sized, watermarked copies of your selected frames either through a protected photo album on my website, a fast-shared link (which is available to download within 7 days) or physically, on a disk or on a flash drive.

From here on there are two options you may have and they are very simple. Looking at your samples, you will let me know the frames you want to have or I will select them for you. We could also agree together on what are the frames that will be the best suited for editing/post-processing.

Normally, I take between 400 and 1000 frames during a 90 minutes session but you will be receiving only the edited and revised shots; this means all the blurred, not focused or shut-eyes photographs will be cut out. The exact number will differ on the time spent together and, on your needs or preference, also, on the number of persons attending the photo shoot.
I am not set to meet a certain number of delivered frames but I can assure you that each of them is thoroughly analyzed before delivery and the ones who did not make the cut were really not worth looking into.

The raw imagines will not be available for viewing or purchasing; all the ones selected for editing reflect my very high standards so rest assure that you will receive the best cut.

Yes or no and let me explain here: due to GDPR you will be given a model release note to sign. What this means is you giving your permission to license the content we will create, in other words, me to use your photographs or videos in any media for competitions, advertising, promotion or marketing. Your names, ethnicity, nationality or any other details will not be shared unless you agree to. 

This is more a no answer, rather than a positive one. I normally do not print out or sell albums but I can advise you for better prices the best spots in Prague for this purpose.

No. I am a photographer and I chose to specialize in this art form to give you the best visuals experience into frames.

I am honestly not a big fan of wedding photography because of many reasons but the most important would be the fact that most of today`s couples are not themselves on that day, therefore not as natural as they are in everyday life. There is a huge weight on their shoulders, they want everything done perfect, there is a “pressure” building in the air and that may very well see in most of the couples. As I take photographs with my soul, to be pure in your pictures for me is by far, the most important thing!

Engagement sessions? Count me in! I adore engagement sessions! I love to be part of your visual memories. You will have parts of my heart attached to your session. Trust me when I say that I have set to heart every engagement session I had and looking back brings great memories.

Baby showers? Yes, to that too! What can be purer than a baby? I always loved framing their innocence and I feel very proud of sharing that holy day with some and their families.

Sure you can and I would not mind to stay more if I do not have a planned session after.
If I will be hired for a longer length of time, I will first take the intuition and stay longer with you and in case you would want me to stay even longer than the planned time spend together my services will be per an hourly rate. You can find the rate inside my terms and conditions tab or, please, get in touch and I will share this with you.

In cases where I cannot stay longer, please respect the ones after you and understand that they wouldn’t like me to run late.

This is like asking an actor if she/he can sing. Photography is an art and it can be divided into lots of styles but so is theater, music and so on. Of course, there is an editing style you can relate to more than others but I tend to try them all. I don’t try to fit just into portraits, I love minimalism, landscapes, fashion, wildlife, architectural and sometimes commercial, like capturing food shots.

I don’t think photography should be limited to a “genre”; therefore, I cannot set myself to a specific style. Most of my sessions are more of a journalistic style and tend to explain by composition a sort of a story-telling vibe. I love to shot some black and whites as well but I am very picky at those.

That`s great! Better to get informed and know everything before your session. Please go to my contact page and drop me a line, I will get back as soon as I can. Cheers! 

Hope you all found a reply for your likening. See you soon.

Yours truly,
Alex Gurau

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