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One might think that a professional photographer should be focused on one type of photography but experience had showed and proved I have the skills and confidence to tackle different directions. I am sure you will find your favorite.

Ideal for ID shots Portfolio/ ID PhotoSession Ideal for ID shots
If you are a thinking about updating your CV profile photo, just refresh or retouch your website look with a new, stylish and quality approach, then, this service is for you. Together we can create your desired look. Sessions are taking place in a studio or outdoors.
For models Personal Photosession For models
You are a model and do not have a portfolio of enough quality, this service is for you. Together we can create you professional models portfolio. Sessions are mostly in nature, but to your request we can set a studio shoot as well.
Moments framed in time Your Love Story Moments framed in time
It says that all we remain with in time are memories and most of those are visuals. Join me and let's create unique moments to last forever in your hearts. Love stories are my favorite sessions. There is a different heartbeat when trying to create unforgettable moments.
Memories close to the heart Event shootings Memories close to the heart
Special days come with a special photographer - this should be a saying. I am more into a story telling shoot rather than a classical wedding session but I definitely love photography and I am adding my soul intro every frame. Let's say you just hired yourself a soul photographer.
Commercial photography Build your brand Commercial photography
If we are talking about high-quality promotional photos then you just found the photographer that can transform your product or brand into an attractive asset which will directly affect your future earnings - after all, future sales directly depend on the quality of the finished photos.
Corners of the earth Travel Photography Corners of the earth
My thirst for travel is no less than my love for photography and it’s wonderful when one passion can complement another. I travel a lot around the most beautiful corners of our planet and I love sharing with you my landscape portfolio where one can find the close to my heart captures.

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